of the earth.

What role do you play in taking the gospel to the ends of the Earth?

Think about Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000: What if only the first 3 rows were fed, leaving the last rows untouched? Similarly and despite Jesus’ call to spread His message to the “ends of the Earth,” over a third of the world lacks access to the gospel. Mission efforts disproportionately prioritize people with gospel access, while ignoring those without.

A mere penny from every dollar on foreign missions reaches the ends of the Earth. Kelley, writing in a way making a legal scholar jealous, brings us the facts, figures, and passion to highlight the massive wrong with compelling evidence. Beyond identifying the problem, Kelley proposes compelling and practicable solutions to disseminate the gospel effectively and widely. The book challenges readers to contemplate: “What role do I play in taking the gospel to the ends of the Earth?”

Last 4 Words - Make Jesus known to the ends of the earth
"Kelley's book reshapes global missions, emphasizing Jesus' pivotal last words. Unveil how your local and global impact align with this timeless resource."
Mark Batterson
Lead Pastor, National Community Church
New York Times bestselling author of "The Circle Maker"
"Infused with 25 years of mission leadership, Kelley's book captivates. A must for Great Commission enthusiasts, highlighting Jesus' 'ends of the Earth' call."
Kevin Sorbo

About The Author

In 1998, a divine calling redirected Greg Kelley from a thriving insurance career to full-time ministry. As CEO of Unknown Nations he’s dedicated to sharing Jesus’ message with unreached groups. Kelley’s traveled to more than 50 countries, advocating for those yet to hear the saving gospel. A Western Michigan University graduate, he was the 1991 football team MVP. Beyond his love for Christ, his family, including wife Kathy, kids, and grandchildren, brings him immense joy. Golf, snowboarding, college football, and family activities are his interests. Greg and Kathy reside in Byron Center, Michigan.

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